Oct 21, 2008

Audio books at audible.com

I am a big fun of audiobooks. Everything has started from my wish to learn English (I learned English completely myself). I used to listen radio programs but they were usually boring. Then I accidentally found a collection of free audio books. This was it. I really enjoyed the books. In the beginning I could barely understand some words. But I picked up familiar books: about Sherlock Holmes, for example. Slowly my understanding skills improved. I started to listen non–adapted books.

One day I came across Jim Dale's performance of Harry Potter books. At that moment I fell in love with audio books. Probably you do not know but Jim Dale made a Guinness world record: he created 134 completely different voices for a single book! One hundred thirty four voices all pronounces by one man! It is simply amazing. And even more, Jim Dale speaks with different accents! For example, Professor McGonagall is speaking Scottish accent, Hagrid - Irish, Stan Shunpike - Cockney... I love everything perfect and Jim is perfect. He made me love audio books (listen to samples).

Audio books become one of my greatest interests in life. I enjoyed Jim Dale's reading so much that I started to hunt his recordings everywhere. This was not easy: autdio books on CDs cost a lot and delivery from UK, Germany or USA costs at least half the price of the book. But I still managed to get some recordings of Jim.

When I got my iPhone, I was very excited because iTunes store has lots of audio books and some of them are recorded by Jim Dale. Prices are not very cheap. And there are 4 or 5 of his books (excluding Harry Potter series, which I have all).

But accidentally I found audible.com. This resource offers one audio book a month for $14.95 (half–price for first three months). If you are willing to pay more, you can buy more books in a month. And prices are very good! Books are downloaded directly to iTunes and synced to iPhone.

I am really excited about audible.com. it is just great to have such possibility: get audio books in highest quality for a good price.

I am going to update my donation page to include a link to audible.com gift certificates. Now I prefer those to Amazon's.

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