Sep 22, 2008

Testing is important

There was a man once. His surname was Murphy. Some believe he was a member of the crew of some American ship. Others believe he was a scientist. The thing is that there is a law of his name, the Murphy's law. It states:

If anything can go wrong, it does.

It does not sound very optimistic. But it explains everything what goes wrong. Especially well it applies to software development.

I always find that if I am lazy or forget to test something, it behaves wrong. For example, I implement five cases, test four, they are ok. I do not test the fifth hoping it is ok too and later I find it is not. It is always like that. If I post something to the mailing lists without checking it first, there is usually a mistake. As soon as I test it, it works ok. Why is that? I do not know. May it just Murphy's law in practice.

Why do I write about it? Testing is a very important part of software development. And testing should be done properly: everything should be tested with all variations. This ensures the quality of the product.

I wonder will be anything wrong with this article if I do not test it now in browser?

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