Sep 15, 2008

Table of content for my TYPO3 programming book

Packt Publishing gave me permission to publish the table of contents for my book about TYPO3 extension programming. Here it is:
  • About TYPO3 API
    This chapter gives an overview of TYPO3 API and tells about most important classes in TYPO3
  • Anatomy of TYPO3 Extension
    This chapters describes files in the TYPO3 extension, what role they play and how to use them
  • Planning Extension
    This chapter focuses on planning. Planning makes extension better. It makes the project successful. The cahpter is not as theoretical as you can expect
  • Generating Extension
    This chapter walks the reader through the process of extension generation. All options are explained, several issues are pointed out, useful tips provided
  • Frontend Plugins: In Depth Study
    This chapter focuses on the Frontend plugin theory. It also provides a lot of tips to make extension effective.
  • Programming Frontend Plugin
    This chapter is dedicated to a practical progamming. The reader will see how ti make list, search and single views, use AJAX from the Frontend plugin and create useful TypoScript for the plugin.
  • Programming Backend Module
    This chapter focuses on the Backend module programming.
  • Finalizing Extension
    This chapter describes how to write documentation for the extension and polish the code before releasing it to TER.
The book is highly practical, contains a lot of my own experience and it helps the reader to become extension programming from zero (PHP and TYPO3 knowledge as user is required).

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