Sep 23, 2008

Duplicate content with RealURL

Yesterday I checked one of my sites in the Google webmaster tools. It showed me warnings for many pages of the site beyond the home page. It looked like Google found pages two times: once with a normal URL (ending with a slash) and another without ending slash. It treated pages as separate and it thinks that I have double content on the site. Pretty bad as it lowers page rank.

Interestingly all links on the site end with slash. There are no links without ending slash at all. However if such link is requested, RealURL will recognise it and return proper page (duplicate for Google). This is caused by the use of "appendMissingSlash" RealURL configuration option. So if someone links to the page but omits slash in the end, he lowers your page rank. Not truly your (or my fault) but it happens. I have to repeat: this is not a fault of you, me or RealURL. It is created by a wrong linking from external sites.

I thought about a cure and implemented a new option in RealURL. Now "appendMissingSlash" accepts also "redirect" keyword. It means that RealURL will redirect to the proper address (with ending slash). It is possible also to specify the code for redirection ("redirect[301]") but RealURL uses 301 by default.

This version is not yet in TER. I am testing it on one site along with a bugfix #9412 for absRefPrefix. I just thought I announce it a bit earlier. For now you can check your sites in Google webmaster tools.

P.S. No, I cannot send you T3X with this version. But you can always checkout latest development version from TYPO3 SVN if you wish. But I am not responsible for the risk you take by doing it.


  1. Hey Dimitry, I'm experiencing that problem too at one of my customer websites that run with RealURL. So did you developed on this issue further or did the appendMissingSlash tag has been integrated to one of the RealURL versions?

    1. Why don't you test? :) The article is from 2008...