Aug 9, 2008

Font is too large in the OpenOffice for Mac

OpenOffice finally decided to make its software run natively on Mac (previous versions required X11). It is still beta and runs slower than NeoOffice. But it has better revision handling than previous OpenOffice or current NeoOffice.

I tried OpenOffice 3 beta 2 recently and found that fonts are much larger than fonts in other Mac applications. Next I decided to try development version but the problem is still there.

I searched OpenOffice settings to revert font size to normal for Mac but could not find any. However there is an option to scale the whole OpenOffice. Setting this option to 88% makes interface the same size as normal Mac applications and similar to NeoOffice.

Here is what to do if you feel that OpenOffice fonts are too large:
  • Click Apple logo in the menu bar and select "Preferences"
  • Under the first category in the left list select "View"
  • Under "User interface" set "Scaling" to 88%.

Here it is as a picture if it is more easy to you:

I hope that helps you as well as it helped me.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you! That was driving me crazy.... Whatever OpenOffice think font size "10" is, is very different from any other app!