May 25, 2008

Why sometimes I do not buy books online

There is a reason why I do not buy online a book even if it looks good for me. The reason is: there is no sample chapter.

People like samples. Everyone tried garlic at least once in his life and made his/her personal opinion about it. This was a sample. Everyone tried coffee or chocolate. These were samples too. They either stayed as samples (if person did not like it and never tied it again) or become an enjoyed product.

Sample chapter tells user if the book is really what I'd like to buy, read and have in my library. This is especially important if book costs over 20€. Would this book be a good investment? Title sounds attractive but I do not want to loose money just to find that title is the only good thing.

Of course, people can read opinions of other readers of the book. But this is not a replacement for sample chapter. It is the same as above examples with garlic or coffee: everyone has its own taste.

Why I am writing about it? I have a note for myself to buy a good book about presentations. I found a post about such book on Mario Rimann's blog. Mario likes it. But would I like it? I do not know: there is nothing to sample...

Fortunately many books have sample chapters on the Internet. Recently I prefer to buy only books that I could sample. It helps to build a good library and save money.

So, if you are writing a book, put a sample chapter somewhere. It will help to increase your sales.

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