May 20, 2008

Magic roundabout

Are you a good driver? If you answer yes, think if you can easily drive the cross shown on the attached image. It is located in Swindon, England and called Magic Roundabout. It has one large roundaboud and each entry is a smaller roundabout (total five of them). I would not bet that I can pass it easily. Especially with right-side driving. If you look into the description and photos of this place in Wikipedia, you will notice that large roundabout has two ways of circling in it: inner circles moves in the opposite (to typical England) direction, outer moves in the right direction. I also read that only those who live in this area can quickly pass the place in the optimal way. Not sure if it is true or not.

For those, who liked the place: you can order a T-shirt with magic roundabout schema.

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