May 27, 2008

Do e-mail programs have brains?

For a long time I am looking for a good mail program for Mac. While doing the same search this evening I found a very nice looking web site.

It says that their e-mailprogram has brain. Others don't. Is that true? We will know soon. I am going to download and try it. I am going to replace Thunderbird with something for Mac-like (no, not Apple Mail, it does not support IMAP subscriptions, sorry) and this is one of candidates.

Outspring Mail features look attractive. The program has smart folders, it will remind about forgotten messages after some time and it supports Growl notifications. This is what they say, for example, about forgotten message:

Another unique feature of Outspring Mail is a function called Message Deferment. This is much like the "snooze" button on an alarm clock. Many people will receive a message, read it, make a mental note to handle it later and then leave it in their Inbox. After a few weeks or months, their Inbox becomes an unmanageable mess. But what if you could instead read the message, decide you don't want to deal with it this week and send it "away" for a week? The deferment feature then moves the message to a special folder and the program waits for the selected amount of time. When that time period has elapsed, Outspring Mail then moves the message back into the Inbox with an indicator reminding you that the message is a deferred message that has been returned.

This sounds prety impressive.

So, does Outspring Mail perform as well? Does it have a brain? We will know soon. Bad that they give only 10 days trial period. Usually this is not a good sign, looks like "give us money faster" thing. But I hope it is the only bad thing about the program with brain.

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