May 20, 2008

Amazon mistake

Amazon has a nice service called Amazon Prime. For $80 annual payment people can get faster deliveries and even free deliveries next day. So far, so good. But look to the attached picture at the bottom of this post. There are two color marking there.

The red one says I qualify for Amazon Prime. Sorry to disappoint you, Amazon, but I am not!I live outside UK, so I do not qualify for Amazon Prime. Don't tell me they do not know who I am. I just logged in to check status of my orders.

The green marking at top says that this item can be delivered in one day with Amazon Prime. But look to the bottom green marking. How are they going to deliver it within one day of it ships in 1-3 weeks? I ordered this item together with other items two weeks ago. Other items were sent, this one is still not sent. I am not sure about UK but in my country this is called "false advertisement" and prosecuted severily.

Yet another thing. I decided to see what will happen if I sign up for a "free trial" at Amazon Prime. Guess what? Clicking on the "Free trial" asks to confirm payment through credit card. I wonder why. Since when "free" requires payment?

Amazon is usually great but these small things do not add good points to Amazon. I already think I should search for another source of books. Slow and high-priced shipping + offers that lead to "sorry you are no elligable..." do not make me happy customer.

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